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Jeremy Glines


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(603) 930-8587



What To Bring

The Day of the Service:

  • If Married, both spouses need to be present.
  • Original (no copies) of social security cards for taxpayer, spouse if married, and any dependents being claimed.
  • If you do not have a Social Security Card, you can apply or obtain more information at the following location:

Social Security Administration
2 Wall St # 301
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 641-2180

  • Picture ID for taxpayer and spouse (must be a Driver's License, State issued ID Card,or other official document).
  • All W-2's for all placed worked in 2018.
  • Voided check or savings account number on a bank document for direct deposit.

·         If you received a Premium Tax Credit in 2018 through the Affordable Care Act marketplace (Obamacare), form 1095-A.


If Applicable

  • Copies of any 1099's issued.
  • Bank account interest year-end statements.
  • Student loan interest statement.
  • Proof of child care expenses paid (statement from provider with EIN # or social security number)
  • Statement of post-secondary education tuition expenses paid.
  • Social Security year-end statements.
  • Any other documents related to taxes.

If Itemizing:

  • Copies of 2018 mortgage interest statements
  • Real estate taxes statement.
  • Proof of charitable donations.
  • Statement of work-related expenses.
  • Auto registration.
  • Receipt of tax prep fees paid last year.
  • Statement of safe deposit box fees.
  • Statement of mortgage points paid.

Tax Returns That Won't be Prepared:
The types of returns listed below will not be prepared through this program:

  • Business returns, unless a sole proprietor with 1099 income.
  • Returns involving stock transactions or trading.
  • Returns with excessive or diversified investments.
  • Returns for people with complicated pension issues.
  • Returns with ITIN's or returns for illegal aliens.
  • Returns for people who have income property.
  • Returns for people who have been paid "under the table".
  • Returns with dependents who may have already been claimed on someone else's return.
  • Returns for people who do not have all of their W-2's or all of their required documents.
  • Returns for refund shoppers (just checking refund amounts to compare with another tax prep service).
  • Prior year returns.

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